Gateway murder trial

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Defense calls Wilda Haines

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She’s a resident of Gateway, Cypress Pointe. She says she knew the Andrews by sight.

December 27th she left her home a little before 7 a.m. She gave a statement to detectives.

She says she saw a man walking towards the area where she was leaving. She was at the gate and she noticed him walking across the field in the park area.

She says he was wearing black had a knit type cap on his head. She says she saw him more once the gate opened. She noticed a white panel truck and a front wheel of a motorcycle. She says they were side by side. She says the motorcycle was red.

She says the person was walking from the area where the white truck was. She had never noticed the truck and motorcycle in the community before.

She didn’t look at the person again.

Prosecution cross-examining

She’s now pointing out the area she was talking about. She says it was normal for people to park there. It was also normal for residents to use it as overflow parking.

She doesn’t know if he came from either of the vehicles she saw (the white panel truck or red motorcycle). She identified the color of the motorcycle by the red fender.

Witness is excused.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 13, 2008 at 10:14 am

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