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State recalls Sheri Roan

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State’s exhibit 91 – the black adidas tennis shoes (from Fred’s home) Seized December 29th, 2005.

They are done with her…


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 10, 2008 at 1:47 pm

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Sheri Roan called to the stand

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She collected DNA evidence at the scene and processed some of the DNA evidence.

She is the lead crime scene investigator in about 70 crime scenes a year.

She responded to Michelle and Steven’s home to help process evidence at the scene.

She went to the scene and then she also went to the ME to process the bodies for fingerprints.

They only collected a fingerprint off Michelle’s neck.

On the 28th she returned to the scene. She was to make sketches of the residence.

On the 29th she went to Fred’s home to assist in evidence collection with Bill Kalstrom.

She photographed the residence and specific areas, they were also looking for evidence to connect the residents to the crime scene.

Once the photographs are complete, they perform a thorough search, checking drawers, cabinets, air vents, attic, garage.

The items she collected include black tshirt, wrangler jeans and addidas tennis shoes.

Other items collected include a cheek swab of Kellie Ballew and Ballew also turned over emails.

She says when collecting an item, it is photographed multiple times. The tennis shoes were put in a paper bag and sealed and the crime scene tech signs the bags. She then took the evidence with her and she signs over the property to the property room clerk until it’s needed again.

The next time she worked the case was when she was asked to execute a search warrant on Cooper’s bike. She says Richard¬†Joslin (of the LCSO)¬†was with her.

She also processed the motorcycle helmet and gloves.

First she photographed the motorcycle then began disassembling it for evidence.

All the photos of the motorcycle are here: on the page key evidence explained.

She took parts of the motorcycle and took swabs of certain locations on the motorcycle and collected them as evidence.

The rest of the motorcycle remained at the impound facility.

Other than sending those items to the lab, she didnt’ have anything else to do with the case.

Defense is cross examining the witness.

First she confirmed several photos were taken by either her or Bill Kalstrom of the garage of the Jeneva way home.

Garber had Roan go over the list of everything she collected from the motorcycle.

Defense exhibit 20 – picture of the passenger seat of the motorcycle.

Defense exhibit 21 – picture of the rear passenger seat from a different angle.

Defense exhibit 22 – picture of the compartment under the rear passenger seat of the motorcycle.

Defense exhibit 23 – picture of the compartment underneath the rear passenger seat of the motorcycle.

Defense exhibit 24 – picture of the length of the compartment underneath the rear passenger seat of the motorcycle.

Defense exhibit 25 – pciture of one of the motorcyle parts she removed.

Defense exhibit 26 – picture of the motorcycle foot peg.

Defense exhibit 27 – picture of the motorcyle parts she removed.

Defense exhibit 28 – picture of the motorcyle part she removed

Defense exhibit 29 – close up of handlebars

Defense exhibit 30 – key fob

She helped Suboch process the Andrews home for evidence. The first day they photgraphed and measured the scene. The following day they collected evidence, including the carpet in the master bedroom.

Black adidas tennis shoes (size 11) collected from Fred Cooper’s Bonita Springs home.

She says the evidence was sent to DNA diagnostics center.

Kalstrom collected a backpack from the garage at Fred’s home.

Prosecution redirecting.

Kunasak is asking about processing of the motorcycle and if there were any other stains or things that stood out. There weren’t.

Prosecution asked if the motorcycle was clean or dirty – she says it was clean.

Defense – no redirect.

Written by Melissa Hudson

October 7, 2008 at 2:30 pm

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