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Prosecution calls Shawn Ramsey

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Ramsey is one of the LCSO investigators on the case.

In 2005 he was an investigator with the Major Crimes Unit. He became involved December 29th and assisted with the interview of Fred Cooper (assisted Walt Ryan). Happened at LCSO HQ.

Says he did the majority of questioning.

He was also part of the unit that followed Cooper to Orlando area on January 7. He says four detectives followed him to Orlando. It was an open surveillance.

There were two residences, one in Winter Park and one in Casselberry.

Detectives followed Cooper everywhere, even if he went into a restaurant, they went inside as well.

Says he also spoke with Ballew. Cooper and Ballew would spend the day together but he would spend the night in Casselberry. She was staying in Winter Park.

Ramsey would have contact with Cooper in Orlando area. The arrest happened in Winter Park.

After his arrest, he was transported from the Orlando area to Lee County. The FDLE made the actual arrest.

There were three vehicles involved in a caravan back to Lee County. Ramsey was in the back of an SUV and rode with Cooper.

Ramsey, the driver and Cooper were in the vehicle. Cooper was handcuffed.

During the ride, Cooper reminded Ramsey of the initial conversation. Cooper had told Ramsey when they got the evidence against him, he would cooperate. Cooper says you must have the evidence against me, Ramsey said DNA didn’t lie.

Now the defense approached the bench.

After he said DNA doesn’t lie, Cooper said the DNA would’ve been there because he had consensual sex with Michelle Andrews the night before the bodies were found.

Michelle had contacted him a couple weeks prior and informed him that her husband was having an affair with Cooper’s girlfriend.

He stated he ejaculated during intercourse and that’s why his DNA would be on Michelle.

They stopped for restroom breaks, something to eat between Orlando and Fort Myers.

While at HQ, Cooper asked to call Ballew.

Ramsey dialed the telephone number then handed the phone to Cooper. It was an LCSO phone.

Ramsey listened to the call. Cooper kept telling Kellie to read that, read that. He said he was untruthful with her about not knowing Steven. Told Ballew he had consensual sex with Michelle Andrews the night before.

States exhibit 82 – Defense wants to approach the bench. (Not sure what is going on. The exhibit is a piece of paper with writing and Fred’s mugshot. Not sure what the paper says.)

Now the jury is leaving the room

Defense objects because it refers to Cooper’s weight and it doesn’t say when he weight was taken.  The prosecution says it shows Cooer at the time of his arrest.

The sheet is slightly different from what was released during discovery. Defense says the items on the sheet are hearsay (like the height and weight).

Objection overruled. Prosecution has to use the sheet that was produced during discovery.

Jury back in.

State’s exhibit 82 – a photocopy of the booking photo of Cooper on January 11, 2006.

Says his appearance didn’t change during the course of the investigation.

Defense cross examining.

Ramsey was not involved in surveillance in Fort Myers.

Ramsey had contact with Cooper in Orlando. Cooper he would make contact with detectives to tell them where he was going. He did that on several occasions.

Ramsey also had a conversation with Cooper in a bar, and Cooper said he would cooperate if they tried to arrest him. He didn’t resist in any way.

Cooper was handcuffed in front, rather than with his hands behind him, for the three hour ride back from Orlando.

The conversations during the trip back to Fort Myers were not recorded. Ramsey says he’s not quoting Cooper verbatim, it is a conversation they had to the best of his recollection.

Ramsey wrote that Cooper had said he didn’t know the Andrews. In Ramsey’s written statement he wrote that Cooper denied knowing Michelle and Steven (although Cooper did actually say he knew them)

In the conversation with Ballew, Cooper kept referring to “read that” but Ramsey didn’t know what he was referring to.

He says that Cooper told Ballew that Michelle had contacted him a few weeks ago and said that he had sex the night before the bodies were found with Michelle.

Ramsey released from the stand.


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