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State calls Sarah Wojslaw

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She works for DNA diagnostics center. They processed many pieces of evidence in this case.

She tested many of the motorcycle parts, vaginal swabs from Michelle, camo jacket, pink rag, fingernail clippings, rings.

All of the items were positive for blood in the presumptive testing. Some were confirmatory tested, others weren’t

Steven’s back – positive for blood
Right elbow – positive
Fingernails – positive
Rings – positive
Wedding band – Michelle positive – negative confirmatory for blood
Rag – positive
Foot peg from motorcycle – positive (for blood) – negative confirmatory for blood

Negative for blood:
Left fot peg of motorcycle – negative
Black key fob – negative
Gear shift assembly and brake lever assembly – neg
Motorcycle gloves – neg
Camo jacket and liner – neg
Vaginal swab tested for semen – positive.

Wedding band – no DNA
Foot pegs – no DNA from either
Gear shift – no DNA
Brake lever – no DNA
Passenger seat – no DNA
Gas tank – no DNA
Driver’s seat – no DNA
Handlebars – no DNA

For full DNA results – go to

Key fob matched Cooper’s DNA. The motorcycle gloves matched Cooper’s DNA. (No DNA from Michelle)

DNA from Semen in vaginal swab matched Steven Andrews. Michelle’s DNA was also found.

Engagement ring – DNA matched Michelle Andrews

DNA from under Michelle’s fingernails were tested. They included Michelle Andrews’ DNA.

Masking – a sample that’s rich in one person’sDNA, it may mask out another person’s DNA. Another test can be run which can overcome masking. If the victim is a woman, you can do YSTR DNA testing, which only tests the MALE DNA. It focuses on the Y chromosome.

Michelle’s nails were tested for male DNA through YSTR.

The camo jacket and mesh liner – neither had any stains that appeared to be blood stains. there were also many discolored areas. She knew it had been cleaned but didn’t know with what. She didn’t feel it would be possible to get DNA from the jacket or the lining.

Exhibit 38 – the nightgown. She was looking for DNA, swabbed both the inside and the outside.

Defense is cross examining the witness

At the time the DDC lab mainly does paternity testing. A small minority of their cases are forensic.

Defense  exhibits 37 (right foot peg) and 39 (key fob) – no blood or DNA on the foot pegs.

DNA from the black key fob was Fred’s.

None of the motorcycle parts had DNA extracted.

The black mesh liner (exhibit 66) – she didn’t swab the lining of the jacket. She did the “hema stick” test for blood on the camoflouge jacket’s mesh lining. She tested 11 places with a hema stick for blood.


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