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Ben’s friend Ryan McCurdy is now on the stand. He’s the one who spent the night with Ben Potter on December 26.

He says that night they saw a man. Says he was about six foot, white male, wearing a camo hooded jacket with a backpack. He saw the man when they were around the gate. Says he only saw him for about a second. Says he saw him from the side, but he had a shaved head.

Says he was walking towards the neighborhood.

Kunasak is showing the witness the camo jacket to see if it’s the same one he saw that night.

Says it’s the same pattern as the one he saw the man wearing the┬ánight of December 26.

They walked Colin home, then walked back to Ben’s house. They didn’t see anyone again that night.

They went to bed.

The next morning he awoke around 7:30 and saw a lot going on so he went back to bed and got up around 9:30. He didn’t speak to any officers that night.

A few months later he met with Kunasak. No one from the sheriff’s office met with him or showed him photographs.

Cooper is asked to tstand again.

Nothing inconsistent with Cooper from the man he saw that night. Says he looked about the same height and the same weight.

Defense is cross examining.

Says he and Ben were 15 at the time. Says they didn’t think too much of it at the time. Near the entrance gate to Cypress Pointe…a little bit outside of the gate.

Says he only saw the man at the gate (Ben testified he saw the man outside his house walking down the street).

Says he saw a camo jacket with leaf friends. Says his friends have similar jackets.

No redirect.

15 minute recess.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 7, 2008 at 10:45 am

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