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State calls Russel Andrews – Steve’s dad

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Steven’s father has just taken the stand.

State asking Mr. Andrews about when Steven and Michelle became boyfriend/girlfriend, and when he met Michelle.

The Andrews live in a suburb of Minneapolis as did Michelle’s parents at that time.

Michelle and Steven married in June 2000. In Oct 2003 – Lukasz was born in Minnesota. At that time Steven was going to school and Michelle was a nutritionist at a nursing home. At that time, Steve and Michelle lived 2-3 miles from Steve’s parents and 20 miles from Michelle’s parents.

In the summer of 2004 after Steve graduated, Michelle and Steve moved to Bonita Springs. That’s when Steve was working at Outdoor productions and Michelle worked at a nursing home in Fort Myers.

They bought the home in Gateway in November 2004. Had bought the Toyota 4-runner in Minnesota and drove it down here. Michelle couldnt drive a stick shift, so she didn’t drive the 4-runner.

December 2005, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews arrived by plane around 10 pm December 25th to Fort Myers. Steve, Michelle and Luke picked them up. Steve drove the Marauder to pick them up.  They went to Steven and Michelle’s so they could open some Christmas presents.

On this trip they stayed at a hotel on Daniels, near the airport. They were planning on returning to MN on wed. the 28th.

After they opened presents, Around midnight Steve took his parents back to the hotel. Hhe drove the Marauder.

The following morning, Steve picked them up and they all ate breakfast at Steve and Michelle’s home. Michelle went jogging and Michelle, Barb and Luke went walking. Steven and his father visited and the two of them played guitar together. This was about 30-60 minutes.

They decided to go to Fort Myers Beach and return in time for Luke to take a nap. They took the Marauder to the beach. They arrived around 11:30 a.m. and stayed until about 2 p.m. They had lunch, they walked on the beach.  Steven showed his parents how he skimboarded then they left.

They went back to Steven and Michelle’s house. Everyone took a nap for a little while.

Luke and Michelle went for a walk and visited with neighbors. Steven went to join her. They were gone about 20 minutes. The parents went outside and met Steve and Michelle’s neighbors/friends. They talked for about five to ten minutes, then everyone went back to the house. They planned to order some pizza for dinner. Steve and his dad went to pick up the pizza rather than having it delivered.

After dinner, they just played with Luke and sat around and visited.

Around 7:30 – 8 p.m. Steve took Russel and Barbara back to their hotel. Michelle stayed home and got Luke ready for bed.

They made plans for the following morning, December 27th. Steven’s parents wanted to see one of his projects. They had plans to meet with a client. Steve was going to pick them up at 7:45 a.m. the morning of the 27th.

That was the last time Mr. Andrews saw his son.

The next morning, they expected Steven at 7:45, but he didn’t show. They were either outside or in the vestibule waiting for Steven. They waited about five minutes, then started calling. Called his cell, called the house, called the office, called michelle’s cell phone, may have even called Michelle’s work.

When he called home, got busy signal, another time he got a machine. They called and called. But then thought maybe Steven meant 8:45 a.m. That time came and went and Mr. Andrews had decided to rent a car within 15 minutes if Steven didn’t show.

LCSO showed up and asked for the Andrews and asked them to go to the police station.

They got into the deputy’s car. They were upset realizing they weren’t going to the hospital and kept asking what’s happenin, what’s happening. About halfway there, they said the little boy is okay. and they arrived at the police station. They didn’t feel relieved.

They took them into the back door of the major crimes unit and into a back room lobby where no one was and told them to wait. That a detective would be there shortly to talk to them. They then met with Walter Ryan. By that time Dan Kokora and Luke had arrived.

That’s when he found out Michelle and Steve were dead. He gave them a little bit of time, they were in shock and talked to Daniel and Linda Kokora.

Ryan called them in one by one to take their statements.

He says Michelle would never leave Lukasz alone. Luke was 2 years three months old when it happened.

State has no further questions. Defense has no questions.


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October 6, 2008 at 4:43 pm

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