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State calls Robert Walker (LCSO)

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Walker was a crime scene investigator for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Walker responded to the medical examiner’s office and collected evidence.

He’s describing taking gunshot residue samples from both victims and what jewelry items were taken from the victims. He took their rings and some bracelets.

Fingernail scrapings and a sexual assault kit were both also taken from Michelle.

Walker also was the one who took evidence from Fred Cooper’s motorcycle. Evidence 71 is the photgraph of Cooper’s motorcycle.

Evidence items 72a motorcycle helmet and 72 b is a pair of gloves – entered into evidence.

The helmet is black with grey and red “swooshes” on it. The gloves are black and yellow.

 Another piece of evidence is being opened. State’s exhibit 66 – the mesh lining of the camouflage jacket.

State’s exhibit 67 – the camoflouge jacket.

Walker says both items were photographed, used an alternate light source. He was specifically looking for blood.

There was no blood present. But it had a unique odor of an oil based solvent, like gasoline, strong chemical solvent with a petroleum base. He says it was a strong odor. It was just coming from the jacket. It had an oily, slick feel to it. Also had streaking or degrading of the material because of the solvent.

Defense is now questioning witness.

They asked about the rings, but that was about it. Nothing significant.

State redirected, had Walker identify the nightgown Michelle was wearing.


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October 6, 2008 at 12:10 pm

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