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Defense asking Gamez questions

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Defense asking Gamez about crime scene tape and whether it was completely around the property.

(The defense seems to keep questioning the crime scene tape and had earlier questioned he contamination log. Maybe part of the defense is going to be questioning how well the crime scene was secured.)

Gamez is saying he had to walk around Michelle to see Steven.

Defense asked if anyone walked to the right of Michelle’s body, Gamez doesn’t recall anyone doing that.

Requested only one paramedic to preserve the scene.

Defense questioning the second clearing of the scene. Gamez says the first search was quick and to ensure safety. Second search more thorough, looking into cabinets, behind shower curtain, etc.


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October 3, 2008 at 11:45 am

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State calls Osvaldo Gamez (LCSO)

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Osvaldo Gamez, currently monitors and tracks sex offenders for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Before that he was a road patrol deputy.

When he arrived to the Andrews home on Dec 27, Gaydash and Lalor were already on scene.

He says they cleared the scene – and explains how they did it.

Says he first saw Michelle’s body, lying on the floor at the foot of the bed, face up, legs spread, nude from the waist down.

Then as he entered the room he saw Steven’s body. (Steven was laying face down next to the bed)

Exhibit 13 is a photo of Steven’s body and the blood around him. He is only wearing boxers and his hands are underneath him.

A female paramedic was asked to come inside to check on the victims (they requested a female).

Attorneys are approaching the bench b/c the defense objected to the deputy testifying to what the paramedic said. (We still don’t know what that was).

Gamez is not allowed to say what the EMS worker said.

The EMS worker checked the pulse of Michelle and touched Steve’s leg, but didn’t check him for a pulse b/c he says it was clear he was dead.

They did another more thorough sweep of the house, then Gamez exited the residence.

Gamez says he was on scene for about half an hour.

Now the defense is asking questions

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October 3, 2008 at 11:39 am

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