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We’re going to recess for the weekend

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We’re done for the day and will recess until Monday morning at 9 a.m.

I’ll be at the station in a bit to update the online story and we’ll continue the blog on Monday!


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October 3, 2008 at 4:40 pm

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Suboch continued

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Now the defense is asking her when the bodies were removed. She says at 2:05 p.m. Both were transported at the same time.

She says there was a footprint in the carpet, but that was from one of the officers.

He’s asking about blood spatter on the wall. Some of it was 14 inches high on the wall, and there was cast off about six feet high on the wall (the same wall with the window).

Shes telling how she collects blood evidence, ie marking with double letters, or circling with marker and then takes samples to send to the lab.

She’s now discribing how she collected blood evidence from the tiles. I have pictures of that in the Gateway site, under evidence – key evidence explained…

She also collected some samples from the carpet she believed to be semen.

When collecting some of the blood evidence, she actually cut out a part of the wall and submitted it into evidence. (you can see it in the pictures, but I haven’t included it in the slide shows – too many photos!)

The blood on the bedknob was Steven’s blood. Spots on the west wall were Steven’s blood.

Now we’re going over the DNA results of the blood in the room…go to the other website for complete rundown of the results!

Now the prosecution is redirecting.

Kunasak asking Suboch about other evidence collected off Andrews’ property. Suboch says they went through all of the garbage dumpsters in the area and found things like a gin bottle, latex glove, etc.

How many photos taken at crime scene? Definitely over a thousand, Suboch said.

She’s been excused from the stand.

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October 3, 2008 at 4:39 pm

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Crime scene inv – Suboch – cont’d

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State still asking about the Uniden phone. The state wants to know if there are any calls in the phone memory from the 407 area code (Orlando area).

Cross examination by defense begins…

Garber is questioning the memory on the phones, ie. when the earliest call is (12/21 on cell phone) (12/26 on the home phone).

The defense wants to go over the fingerprint evidence again. Of the seven good prints, he is pointing out none of them belong to Fred Cooper. One of those was Daniel Kokora’s (inside of front door). One was also possibly Lukasz’s print (low on the sliding glass door).

Garber is moving on to the pink rag. [We’re not going over any new territory here. Just going over things we’ve already gone over.]

Nothing new has been revealed.

Defense exhibit #2 – picture of the pink rag. Again, nothing new.

(Not sure what we’re trying to establish here other than the fact that the DNA on the rag couldn’t be identified. Maybe the defense is just going to argue there are fingerprints that can’t be identified, the DNA on the rag can’t be identified – so someone else did it – ?)

Again, the defense is having Suboch look at MORE pictures of the rag.

Defense exhibit 6 – Picture of Michelle’s left foot.

Defense exhibit 7 – Picture of Toyota 4-runner.

Defense exhibit 9 – Aerial photo of the Gateway neighborhood.

The defense is showing Suboch these pictures but we still don’t know where he’s going with this. Basically all the defense is doing is confirming with Suboch that she took the pictures.

Defense exhibit 11 – another aerial photo of Gateway neighborhood

Exhibit ? – is a picture of the Andrews home.

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October 3, 2008 at 4:18 pm

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Suboch – crime scene inv – continued

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Suboch just looked at the jeans…agreed they were the ones she collected. Taken into evidence.

She’s also talking about processing the scene for fingerprints and how they’re collected.

Exhibit 24 – photo of the stairwell with black powder on the walls (for fingerprints).

They recovered 21 total fingerprints. From the lower screen door, 2 from exterior sliding glass door, exterior front door above the door lock, 2 from interior sliding glass door, one from the door frame in the master bedroom inside. (trying to keep up, but she’s talking fast…I didn’t get all of these)

Only one was matched – Inside of the front door of the residence and it was a match to Daniel Kokora.

Compared to the victims, their parents and Cooper. Only one was matched, the one that matched Michelle’s dad, Daniel Kokora.

The phone was processed by another analyst, but Suboch was standing next to her while she did it. We’re going back to Exhibit 25 (the uniden phone handset).

It was processed for fingerprints. No prints were recovered from the phone. It was sent to the FDLE for further testing. [When Gaydash picked up the phone when she arrived at the Andrews’ home, she wasn’t wearing a glove – but there’s no way she could have known it was going to be a crime scene or that there were two bodies upstairs].

They also tested the other phones in the house but didn’t find any fingerprints on them. They photographed each and every phone number in the phone and in Michelle’s cell phone, which was in her purse in the master bedroom. (These pictures were included in the group of pictures released as part of the discovery process. They really did take a picture of every single picture in the phones – most were family, Manor Care, Outside Productions, etc)

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October 3, 2008 at 3:57 pm

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Suboch – crime scene inv – continued

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Suboch went to the Medical Examiner’s Office to process the bodies for fingerprints. She lifted a fingerprint from Michelle’s neck.

We still don’t know if that matched anyone…it wasn’t part of discovery.

Unfortunately I couldn’t hear what she said, so I don’t know the results!

After processing the bodies, she went back to the crime scene. Between 2 and 4:30 pm she began processing the bedroom.

Now they’re back to the pink rag, which was found on the other side of the Andrews’ fence behind the house. (pictured right)

Exhibit 29 received into evidence – the pink rag (pictured right).

It had red stains on it and was sent to the FDLE for testing.

Suboch listed other items she collected as evidence – the bullet and two blood samples from Steven’s right elbow and back.

Exhibits 21, 22 and 23. One is the bed (21),  one is a close up of the pillows and sheet (22). The other is the projectile (bullet) (exhibit 23).

Suboch explained the different types of blood stains on the bedsheet – like smearing.

The jury is looking at the photo of the bullet under Steven’s pillow.

Exhibit 26 – the bullet from under Steven’s pillow.

They’re now opening the evidence bag containing the evidence and she’s going to examine the bullet.

It has been received into evidence.

Exhibit 29 – she’s opening the evidence bag containing the pink rag. (It’s bigger than I thought from the photo).

Exhibit 27 – the jeans under Michelle’s head.

Suboch is now opening the evidence bag containing the jeans.

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October 3, 2008 at 3:39 pm

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Gabriele Suboch – crime scene inv – called

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Another crime scene investigator has been called, Gabriele Suboch.

She has processed between 150-200 homicide investigations.

She arrived to the scene at 8:35 in the morning. The entire residence was considered to be the crime scene, including the yard.

The first thing she did was take Lukasz’ clothing after photographing it.

Exhibit 28 – Clothing from Lukasz Andrews.

Suboch is opening the paper bag containing Lukasz’ clothing.  She processed the clothing and she’s showing how she collected and sealed the bag.

Exhibit 28 is received into evidence.

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October 3, 2008 at 3:13 pm

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Cross examination of Balke

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First question is about the crime scene tape. Balke says the property, the yard was included in the crime scene tape.

Basically saying that he processed the two cars, didn’t take many of the photos, Gabi Suboch did that, but did process the vehicles.

He’s being asked about the Toyota 4-runner and whether or not he processed that. He did.

Now back to the bodies.

Balke is pointing out where Steven’s body was found.

He saw two drops of blood on Steven’s back that were from directly above.

One of the bedposts had blood on it. It appeared to be smeared on the surface.

Now pointing out blood on the wall near the bureau, about a foot high.

The light pink rag outside is now the topic. It was found on a bush about three houses down but he’s not totally certain where it was found because he didn’t collect it.

Prosecution objected to continued questioning about the rag because Balke didn’t actually collect it or have first hand knowledge of it. The judge agreed.

Now onto the possiblity there was an injury to the upper part of Steven’s back. There was a possible footprint on his back. He doesn’t believe there were any injuries associated, though.

There was also a blood drop on the back of Steven’s right elbow.

Redirect from prosecution.

Exhibit 84 – close up of Steven’s hands after he had been rolled over by the ME’s office.

Prosecution just asked to verify the picture was accurate.

Defense redirecting now…

Balke was asked about the handprint on the nightgown – was it processed for handprint – no, there was no ridge detail. Balke thought the handprint was a fabric imprint. The spot was processed for DNA.

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October 3, 2008 at 2:44 pm

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