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Prosecution calls Julie Heinig

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She is from the private DNA lab,  DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), that processed much of the evidence. (previous witness was from there as well)

She did the YSTR analysis (17 markers on Y chromosome). Y profile passed down from father to son.

Statistics are figured out a little differently. They use a database to determine frequency.

DDC started doing YSTR testing in July 2005.

State’s exhibit 39 – Steven’s blood sample/standard

Buccal swab of Fred Cooper for DNA sample/standard

States exhibit 38 – Michelle’s nightgown. It was YSTR tested.

One spot, Steven could not be excluded
Another spot couldn’t be tested, insufficient amount of DNA

They swabbed the inside and outside of the nightgown for YSTR analysis.
Fingernails were also tested using YSTR analysis.

Power Point presentation going to be presented to help in the understanding of the evidence. She’s explaining the 16 markers or loci used in the YSTR testing. Each is called an allele.

One of the slides shows Steven’s YSTR DNA. Another shows the DNA profile of Fred Cooper. They have five of the same alleles.

Swab of the inside of the nightgown, on spot 28B, Steven Andrews could not be excluded and Fred Cooper could not be excluded.

Swab of the outside of the nightgown. Both Steven and Fred could not be excluded.

06A swab from the right hand fingernails of Michelle Andrews.  Both Steven and Fred cannot be excluded.

***There were no profiles inconsistent with Fred or steven.


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