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State calls Rosemary Jassoy

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She’s a crime lab analyst in Tampa – in the firearms section.

They identify firearms, try to determine whether a bullet was fired from a specific weapon, serial number restoration, and distance fired.

She is identifying the bullet recovered from the scene. She says it is the same bullet.

She examined the bullet and says it is consistent with a .38-caliber class bullet. It also is consistent with .380 auto – caliber packages. So it could have been fired from a revolver or semi-automatic.

She says there were some factors that indictate it was not fired from a revolver.

Rifling is a spiraled area within the barrel and this allows the bullet to spin right or left. When it exits the barrelĀ the bullet spins (like a football), giving it greater stability in trajectory.

Experts are able to compare bullets and determine whether it is likely a bullet was fired from a gun.

She only compared one gun (there was no match).

In revolvers, the bullet’s cartridge case stays in the gun.

The defense asked about a gun that was jammed and whether it could be fired. She says not until the cartridge that was jammed was manually removed.

She listed the guns that could have fired the bullet found under Steven’s pillow.

Three guns were submitted to the FDLE for comparison. They were submitted January 16, 2006, April 2007 and May 2007. None matched the bullet from Steven’s pillow.

Defense cross-examining.

Garber asking if she can rule out a revolver. She says it is remotely possible it could’ve been fired from a revolver.

The gun should have 6 lands and grooves with a left twist.

It is also possible the bullet was fired from a Derringer. She says she can’t absolutely say what gun fired the bullet.

General Rifling Characteristics database helps experts figure out which guns are likely to have fired a bullet.

Prosecution redirecting

There were no misalignment marks, a series of streak marks, on the bullet, which are characteristics of a revolver.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 8, 2008 at 9:41 am