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Edward Lawson called to the stand

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He works in the gate/access control devices business. He’s been doing this type of work over 20 years.

In December 2005, he was the manager of the west coast office of ISN Securities in Bonita Springs. He also did sales for the company.

His company installed the security gates for Village Walk, where Fred lived.

(Mr. Lawson’s testimony¬†is relevant because the security gate logged Fred as going into Village Walk between 2:55 a.m. and 3 a.m. the morning of the murders – Dec 27th)

The software to the gate system kept track of all visitors and the bar codes used by residents.

Lawson says the system is very reliable.

State’s exhibit 75 and 76 – screen shots of the gate entrance and exit system. (76 is the activity log of which bar codes went through at which times).

This information was stored in a computer in the guard house.

The activity log is real-time (ie recorded as it happens). The records can be searched by any criteria.

State’s exhibit 74 – The item is a bar card (bar code to be attached to a vehicle)

In December 2005, one of their technicians retrieved information from the activity log and the database manager for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Defense cross examining

Says there were three PC’s at the guard house. One was the computer the guard used. The second stored the log record and voice messaging system. Third PC recorded the video. Lawson was on site during the installation, but didn’t installl it himself.

The database manager system was housed in Naples. Two people managed the data for the community.

The defense asked if the system was just as reliable as the person using it…and he says yes, that’s true.

The defense asked asked if the systems were maintained. Lawson said they were not after the warranty period ran out (but we don’t know when that was).

Village Walk didn’t have video of resident lane for entry/exit.

There was a backup utility for the resident info but not for the activity log, which tracks people coming in or out.

Prosecution redirect

He says there is no maintenance necessary on the units. He says there were ocassional service calls because of a camera out of place, but never for the scanning system.

Defense redirect

She’s asking if the equipment should be maintained according to the schedule the company that built the bar code system recommended.

The model used at Village Walk has been taken off the market. The sun interfered with the scanner – the one in Village Walk wasn’t a problem.


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