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Doug Jimmo called to the stand

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Doug Jimmo is one of the people who saw a man in a camo jacket that morning as well.

He also identified Cooper in a photo lineup. Previously the defense has tried to get his photo lineup ID thrown out.

Right now he’s living in Wake Forest, IL, but he lived in Gateway in December 2005.

Jimmo  is showing where he lived at the time. He lived near the pool area. He was an acquaintance of the Andrews but didn’t know them very well. They lived two houses down.

He usually arrived to work around 7:30 a.m. and had to work on December 27.

Says he got up around 4:30 – 5 a.m. Moved his car to the street, got his wife’s car from the pool area and put it into the garage, then put his car back in the driveway.

It was around 6:30 a.m. when he moved cars around.

Says as he was walking towards his wife’s car, he saw someone coming into the community and he had never seen him before. Didn’t think much of it because of the holidays. Says he walked within 20-30 feet of the man.

Jimmo says the man was taller than him, medium build and was wearing a camoflouge jacket. Says the man had some facial hair, a goatee.

Didn’t notice if the man was carrying anything. says the man was walking towards the area where the Andrews lived.

Says he left the house around 7;05 to go to work. (says he was running late because of having to move the cars around.)

He says he saw the man in the camoflouge jacket walking away from t he Gateway community. Said it was unusual that he saw the man walking in, then shortly after walking out.

Jimmo says the camo jacket was not like the military camo, but more like hunting camo.

He’s now going to look at the camo jacket seized from Cooper to see if it is similar to the one he saw the morning of the 27th. He says it seems like the same style as the one he saw on the man that morning.

His wife called later to let him know Steven and Michelle  were dead. He went home in the early afternoon.

When his wife called, he thought about, then called her back and told her what he had seen. He then spoke to a detective on the phone.

The next afternoon was the first time he spoke to detectives face to face and he gave them a statement. At another time he gave a recorded statement from his home. He was also shown a photo lineup.

He says the photo lineup was in color. Asked Jimmo if he recognized anyone.

Says Det Ryan laid the lineup on the table, then walked away from the table and asked if he could identify anyone.

He’s now looking at a photo lineup to be entered into evidence. (State’s exhibit 48)

There’s a copy of this on the “Key players” page when you click on Doug Jimmo’s name.

Jimmo wrote on the sheet, I think it looks like #3 but I’m not positive. he gave the lineup back to Detective Ryan.

Says Cooper’s body is consistent with the man he saw that morning of the 27th.

The prosecution is asking if there’s anyone who looks similar to the man he saw that morning in Gateway. He says the man he saw that morning looks very similar to Fred Cooper.

The jurors are now looking at the photo lineup Jimmo signed.

Defense cross examining.

Asking if the man had a hood on the camo jacket – Jimmo doesn’t recall.

Jimmo says he cannot be 100 percent positive Cooper is the one he saw that day.

State redirecting

Showing Jimmo the aerial picture and asking about the median on the access road.

Jimmo worked outdoors on his yard often. He never saw a yellow motorcycle parked outside the Andrews home. Says he never saw it there or even in the neighborhood.

Defense redirecting

Asking about the route Jimmo drove that morning and when he saw the man in the camo jacket.

We’re going to recess until 1:30.



He was a neighbor of Michelle and Steven in 2005.


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