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Prosecution calls Colin Baird

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Colin is Ben’s friend who was with Ben and Ryan the night of December 26th, 2005.

Says that day they had gone to a basketball tournament and at the end of the night they ended up at Ben’s house that night. Says he planned to walk home that night.

Says they left Ben’s house around 10:30, 10:45 because he had to be home by 11 pm.

Says he was coming out of Ben’s front door. He saw someone in the road in front of them. He was walking towards Gateway Boulevard.  Says the man was a white male, around 6 feet tall, really short hair. Dark hair but really short. Says he had an athletic build.

Says the man was about 45 feet away. There was a street light and there was a little light.

He says the man turned his head away and pulled his hood over his head. Also says it was a camo jacket.

He says the man never stopped walking. Didn’t see him carrying anything.

Says they walked the opposite direction of the man, toward the gate. They walked down the road towards Gateway Boulevard.

Says then he saw Mrs. Tinsley walking her dog.

The next morning he says Ben called him and told him something had happened. He did not meet with deputies then or ever. He was never shown a photographic lineup.

Colin is putting on a pair of gloves so he can look at the camo jacket to see if it is the same one he saw that night. Says it’s similar to the one he saw on the man that night.

Says Cooper has the same body type and height as the man he saw that night. But the man he saw that night had really short hair.

The defense is cross examining Colin.

The defense is asking Colin whether or not the man he saw had a full head of hair. He says not really a full head of hair, just really short.

Says he only saw the man from the side, in a quick glance. Didn’t see the man again that night.

He says there is a street light across from Ben’s house. Defense wants Colin to show where Ben’s house is and point out a street light. He points out a stop sign. He says there is a street light at the corner.

He saw the lights in front of the homes are what he thought of as street lights. Says he knows there’s a light at the corner.

He says it was dark camo.

Defense done with the witness…no redirect.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 7, 2008 at 11:22 am

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