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Witness Ben Potter

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Prosecution has called Ben Potter to the stand.  He is also a resident of Gateway, Cypress Pointe.

On December 26, 2005 he was on break from school for the holidays. He says they went to a movie that day, then they all ended up at his house. (His mom drove them around). He was with his friends Colin and Ryan that night and Ryan was going to spend the night.

He says Colin decided to leave around 11 pm, Ryan and Ben walked him home to Gateway Greens.

When he walked out the front door of his house to walk Colin home, there was aman in the road in front of his house walking down the street (towards the Andrews home).

Ben says he was seven or eight feet from the man.

He says it was a white male, wearing a camo jacket like a hunter would wear and had a shaved head.

As they came out of the house, he looked at Ben, turned his head and pulled up his head. He didn’t change the pace of his walk or anything. Says he was wearing dark pants

Says the man had a little hair on his chin.

Says the man had a backpack.  He had never seen the man  before.

He walked out of the community and says he saw a woman in the field walking her dog around the same time.

Says he didn’t hear anything strange that night.

The next morning, he woke up around 7 am by his mom who said there were police in the house and there had been a murder. He talked to the deputies. He told them abou the man in the camo jacket. They took his statement. On the 28th he was shown a photo lineup but he couldn’t ID anyone.

Says the man was taller than he was at the time (5’11). When Cooper stands up, prosecution asks if there’s anything inconsistent with the man he saw that night – he said no.

Defense is cross examining.

He’s being asked about his prior statement and how long he said he saw the man ( a second or two).

The defense is done (didn’t say much)

Defense is just asking yes or no questions of the witnesses today.

Asked if Christopher Stroka took his statement, he says yes.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 7, 2008 at 10:30 am

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