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Cooper testifies –

After three years to work on his story (and receiving all of the discovery documents) he took the stand and gave his side.

He swore to tell the truth “Obviously that means nothing to him.”

Says the defendant has weaved a tangled web of lies.

Cooper says one of the first time he and Michelle met, he was supposed to go to her house around 7:30 p.m.

Another prearranged meeting, to meet on the 26th. It was a busy time, yet they preplanned a meeting a week ahead of time.

Cooper said the meetings were set up by calls at his work.

There were no calls to his home or cell from Michelle. “How very convenient”

He said he and Kellie shared a phone, but the outside productions contact sheet doesn’t support that.

He couldn’t say they used cell phones because there were no calls from Michelle to the defendant from her home phone or cell phone.

He said they were meeting at 7-11 because of the surveillance video placing him there.

Cooper said she didn’t show up so he drove his motorcycle to her house.

“He must have had a twin walking across that field that night, walking towards the Andrews house.”

“no one said anything about a motorcycle”

No one saw a motorcycle that night.

He says as he gets to the Andrews house, Michelle is outside in the driveway in a running suit. What was she doing outside at 11 at night?

He drives his motorcyle right up to the house, but no one sees him.

They talk in the driveway in front of the house. they get into the 4-runner and they had sex right there in the driveway – in the vehicle.

At about the same time Steven is emailing Kellie (in the office which looks out onto the driveway).

“That is preposterous”

He testifies she’s wearing a running suit with a slip under it. Then he said he ejaculated on her midsection and she cleaned it up with a napkin. That napkin was never found.

There was no trace evidence on Michelle’s body.

He also gave her a card, and she gave him a card. but Kellie must have thrown them away.

Kellie turned over emails and gloves she found months later. But didn’t turn over a card from Michelle?

Kellie would’ve turned it over if there’d been a card, McGruther said.

In the emails Steven never mentioned Michelle was outside.

If his wife was out of the house, wouldn’t he just pick up the phone and call Kellie instead of sending an email?

He then rode his motorcle and spent four hours on the beach on a cold night.

All while someone else in a camo jacket entered the Andrews home and killed them.

“He admits to lying to every fact in this case.”

“He expects you to believe he did it (lied) to protect Kellie”

He stuck with his story even when he was a suspect.

He didn’t reveal his knowledge of the affair even when Kellie told him he would need to respect her if she got into a relationship with someone.

If Michelle was really his friend, wouldn’t he want to help find otu who killed her?”

“a lot of convenient testimony by Mr. Cooper, but nothing more convenient thant this. The only person who could come in her eand say no that didn’t happen that night is dead.”

Just as she was unable to defend herself on Dec 26, 2005, she was unable to defend herself in the courtroom.

What evidence is reliable…”you should use your common sense, ladies and gentlemen”

You may find some evidence more reliable than others. how they acted can be taken into account (like Cooper shaking on the stand)

Did the witness have an interest in the outcome is Cooper.

is the witness testimony consistent with other statements made in court:?

Was it true Cooper convicted of a crime.

Juror may believe or disbelieve any or all of the evidence or testimony.

“Cooper took the stand and testified, but you can’t beleive a word he said after he told you his name.”

So what did happen?  he read her text messages and they were erased.

A couple of nights after the murder, Cooper plays a song for her “Hold onto the night” That was the song he text messaged to Steven Andrews.

He was losing her and knew it. Only way to keep her was to eliminate Steven Andrews.

He was planning it several days ahead of time,  tried to get gate code on Dec 23.

Why didn’t he shoot michelle? we’ll probably never know. Maybe he only planned to shoot Steven. Maybe she recognized him. Maybe the gun jammed after the first shot then he beat her with it.

He choked her to death while she scratched him with her free hand.

During the struggle, some of his bodily fluid got on the nightgown. The DNA was not semen, possibly mucous.

He then (around 11:30 to 3 am) got rid of the clothes in the helmet bag, which was never seen again, along with the gun.

Why did he go back – we may never know. Did he fear one or both may not be bed? Steven didn’t die immediately, Michelle was strangled.

Was he concerned one was still alive? Did he go back to check them. Michelle was pulled by the arm and rolled over.

maybe he was concerned about Lukasz “even killers have kids”

He wanted child found so he called 911 and was seen by Douglas Jimmo leaving the area.

“You have to be dcruel to commit a cold blooded murder like this”

He started getting tripped up by the 7-11 video, seen by people while wearing camo jacket.

Three years to develop his story. long case, days of testimony, lots of evidence.

The real world, the evidence is introduced and you have to interpret its significance.

If you look at each dot, it doesn’t look like much but when you look at th ewhole picture.

The picture is abundantly clear.

Only one person had the motive. Fred

One person had the opportunity. Fred

One persn was at the scene in that bedroom. Fred

Only one person has shown a total disregard for the truth. Fred

Only one person had the audacity to use the victim as his alibi. Fred

Only one person killed them. Fred


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October 14, 2008 at 10:26 am

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