Gateway murder trial

Prosecution closing cont’d

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Back screen door to the pool was unlocked. Sliding glass doors could be lifted off the track and opened, even if they were locked

At first light, Ballew was aware of the defendant coming into her room.

Al Lumkomski saw someone in Gateway that morning (Dec 27) wearing a camo jacket. Person said nothing, eyes straight ahead as he walked into the community.

Doug Jimmo – was up early on Dec 27, went out to swap the cars. Saw a stranger coming in the gate walking towards the Andrews house. He was wearing a camo jacket. At 7:05 he saw the same man coming from the corner/back of the Andrews house back towards the field.

The 911 call from the Andrews residence was at 7:03 a.m.

Jimmo identified the man in a police lineup – (Cooper). Then identified Cooper while testifying in court.

The next time Kellie saw Cooper – was about 3:30 pm. The gate shows he entered at 3:28 p.m. She was getting ready to leave and Cooper comes home on his motorcycle.

She left and got a call from Cooper – you need to come home. She says I’m not coming home until you tell me what this is about.

He said Steven and Michelle have been murdered. Kellie doesn’t belive him.

She calls her boss (also Steven’s boss), who hadn’t heard anything.

Her boss calls her back and says Call the detectives, they’re looking into a possible murder suicide at the Andrews house.

Defendant didn’t say “murder suicide” he said Steven and Michelle have been murdered.

Her boss said detectives wanted info on the family and Kellie went down to talk to them. She told them about her breakup with Fred and his motorcycle.

He went to the sheriff’s HQ and gave a statement. He said he’d never been in Gateway, had nothing to do with it, didn’t know about the affair.

But his right hand was swollen and red. He had a scratch on his arm.

Kellie looked at his arm and saw his scratch. She said it looked like a fingernail scratch.

First thing Kellie said to Fred – were you in Gateway last night?

The investigation continues and at 7-11 there’s surveillance video and they see a yellow motorcycle going through at 10:31 and the bike matches Fred’s.

The rider is wearing a camo jacket.

Police want the camo jacket so they go to Sunsports and Cooper says it’s at home in Bonita Springs.

Detective Ryan goes to get it.

Then the defendant goes to his boss and says he has to run an errand. He leaves and is gone about 25 minutes. When he comes back he’s got the camo jacket.

He takes solvent and is spraying it on the jacket and is scrubbing the jacket. Then he takes a razor blade and cuts the lining out of it.

He used so much solvent, the odor was strong when he gave the jacket to detectives.

The solvent was so strong it had a strong odor.

He takes an hour to clean the jacket and take the liner out of it, coincidentally, right after the detective asked for it.

Fred had a gun. It wasn’t a revolver, but it would fit in his hand and would fit in the storage area of the bike, as would a change of clothes.

The crime scene –

Killers who plan their crimes also plan not to get caught.

“this was a planned premeditated crime”

“In real life killers wear gloves”

The nightgown had a handprint, consistent with a gloved hand.

On tv they find hair, but “one must have hair” (as McGruther looks at Cooper)

He says crime scene investigation is nothing like TV. Can’t find and do anything in one hour.

DNA isn’t everywhere:

The phone – no DNA, no fingerprints.

Michelle’s rings – no DNA

In real life, DNA “tells the obvious”

The DNA in the bedroom was Michelle and Steven’s.

Steven’s DNA found in Steven’s jeans as was Kellie’s and Michelle’s.

In real life, DNA of the killer and victim is mixed.

No injuries to killer, too fast, too sudden. He wasn’t injured.

It’s not the quantity of scientific evidence you’d find on TV.

“there were no other DNA profiles except those of Steven Andrews, Michelle Andrews and a DNA profile consistent with that of Fred Cooper.”

That was found by two differnt labs on Michelle’s nightgown and under her fingernails of her right hand.

Up until this time Fred has given two statements, never been to Gateway, didn’t know about the affair…even when the questioning was accusatory he stuck to his story of  he didn’t know about the affair.

When arrested, Ramsey said DNA doesn’t lie. That’s when Cooper says he and Michelle had sex the night before the murders.

Then he calls Kellie and tells her he lied to her. Says he had sex with Michelle and that’s where the DNA came from.

Then Cooper writes a letter to Kellie – says he met Michelle – meeting was real, but the physical aspect of it was not.


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October 14, 2008 at 9:59 am

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