Gateway murder trial

Defense cont’d

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Garber is talking about state’s DNA evidence on the nightgown. The DNA lab got a partial profile. He says there’s foreign DNA to Fred and Steven.

“There’s foreign DNA on that nightgown”

Also says DNA can be washed off. She probably washed it fairly often.

He says the DNA on th einside ofthe nightgown has foreign DNA in it.

The DNA on the pink rag didn’t match anyone.

The fingernails had a foreign allele.

“All of this evidence is consistent with what Mr. Cooper has said.”

They have tried to link him to the scene and the Andrews to the motorcycle. Garber says nothing links him to this crime.

Says they failed to test the bedsheet.

Michelle had defensive wounds.

There were stains with directionality on the sheets, yet they weren’t tested.

That and there are foreign alleles present.

Garber says he’s tried to show reasons for doubt, when looked at without emotion, Cooper is not guilty.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 14, 2008 at 11:57 am

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