Gateway murder trial

Fred Cooper cont’d

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He says he picked up Kellie for lunch every Monday (because he worked Tuesday through Saturday). he would meet other employees therre.

At an outing at Sanibel, he met Steven and Michelle. He says he already had met them at Outside Productions when he would go to pick up Michelle.

He says when they were there for the weekend they “hung out” with Michelle and STeven.

They also attended a housewarming party where the Andrews attended as well as the Christmas party.

They decided to move to a condo in Village Walk because it was a bigger place (He keeps referring to Kellie as Kellie Ballew).

His mother, Kellie, Carly and Fred all moved there in late 2005. In late December they still had things in storage, things were still in boxes.

Around this time in December 2005, “It was rocky” “we had our problems in the past, this wasn’t the first time we’d had problems.”

At the Christmas party in 2005 – he and Kellie had been arguing. “it was rocky is probably the best way to describe it”

He didn’t feel this was the final separation, kind of par for the course of their relationship.

In Dec 2005 they’d been together around six years.

They sat at the same table with the Andrews at the Christmas table.

After the christmas party he got a call from Michelle Andrews, maybe a day or two after the christmas party

While he was at work.

Michelle contacted him – objection. He can’t say what she said.

He was shocked at what she had to say. They wer eon the phone maybe a minute or two.

“You never really knew with Kellie”

(Defense alluding Michelle told him about the affair)

He says he and Michelle met at a restaurant, Uno’s. They met during his lunch break.

When I arrived, she was already there. He says they talked in the parking lot.

“She believed that Steven and Kellie Ballew were having an affair”

She said that based on how Michelle and Steven were getting along the past few weeks.

Michelle wanted to know about his relationship with Kellie. He told her.

They decided they would keep in contact with each other and let each other know what was goin on – they both wanted to save their relationships. Working for the same goal.

Says she was trying to save her marriage.

The Unos meeting took about half an hour. He then went back to work.

She called again to check on how things were going with Fred and Kellie (he called at his work).

There were just a few phone calls. Each time it was while he was at work and they only lasted a few minutes.

She would share info on how she and Steve were doing. And would say anything she might have learned from Steve.

He says he noticed changes in Kellie. “She was just very distant, unemotional”

Not long after the Christmas party, he says they were laying in bed one night and Kellie said she wanted to end the relationship and asked him to find another place to live.

He was pretty shocked.

He was not devastated. He says they argued. He was to take steps to move out and she wanted him to move out in the new year.

He continued to work during this time.

He says he got a phone call from Michelle – she was very upset and emotional and asked if he would meet her so they could talk. He didn’t have a problem with meeting.

He asked her to meet him after work at the Gateway community. He wanted to go home and take a shower first. She agreed to that. They decided to meet around 7:30 at the Andrews home.

At the time Michelle gave him directions during the phone call. He says this was a week or so before Christmas.

Says it takes about half an hour to get home, 20 mintues to show, he got there around 7:30.

Typically worked 8 am to 6 pm. He typically left work at 6.

He got there around 7:30.

He didn’t know it was a gated community. He says she forgot to tell him there was a gate at Cypress Pointe.

He says he got into the habit of going around the gate at his own community. and did that at Cypress Pointe.

She was in the driveway in her car when he got there.

They talked about what Steven and Kellie might have been doing. Says the affair was going on at the time.

He says Michelle didn’t know if it was sexual at that point.

He says he was “a bit shocked”

What was Michelle’s demeanor – very emotional, very upset.

He says he was there right around 20 minutes.

He says she sounded upset on the phone so on the way over there he stopped and got her a card…from Walgreens. A “Hang in there” card.

He says he never called Michelle, she always contacted him (and always while he was working).

He did not go home and confront Kellie.

He still hoped they could work it through, they had gone through similar things before.


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