Gateway murder trial

Fred Cooper cont’d

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After det Ryan left, he went to the store for a bit, that’s when he realized his jacket was in the trunk of his bike.

He says under the seat of the bike, there wasn’t wiring related to the bike. it was actually a phone charger.

He says he didn’t remember the jacket was in the bike.

When he pullled out the jacket, he then started cleaning the jacket because his bike has no windshield. He noticed it was really direty He was cleaning  and street grime off his jacket (using contact cleaner – something for electrical purposes).

He says the road grime doesn’t come off in the wash.

The liner was separating from the jacket on the inside seam. He removed the liner because it was a nuisance. He said the liner snagged on his gloves all the time.

He says he wasn’t trying to hide the fact he was cleaning his jacket. The last stall had a wall partition (rather than hiding and cleaning he says he did it out in the open).

He says when he threw away the liner he threw it on top, didn’t try to hide it.

The entire time Cooper has been on the stand, Mr. and Mrs. Kokora have been staring at the floor. They haven’t looked up once. Only Mr. Andrews has actually looked at the defendant on the stand.

Defense is asking about the helmet bag. He says he’s never used it as a back pack. He says it couldn’t be used that way.

On the 29th, Det Ryan asked him to go back to the Sheriff’s Office.

That’s when he met with detectives Ryan and Ramsey.

He was asked again if he suspected the affair and he said no. He also said he’d never been to the Andrews. He told them no.

“At that point I’d already made a statement and if I’d changed my statement at that point they’d really look at me as far as a suspect.

“I knew they were questioning me, but I didn’t feel I would ever be a suspect.”

What about him coming home at 3 a.m. He told detectives it was impossible he was out that late. He says at the time he didn’t think it was possible that he was at the beach that late and arrived home that late on the morning of December 27th.

Detectives asked him about the affair and about the 7-11 video.

He lied about the 7-11, he says, because he didn’t want to tell about meeting Michelle, he says if they had known what was going on he would’ve been a suspect.

On Dec 29th he didn’t feel he could tell them about the contact with Michelle.

He didn’t want Kellie to find out.

On Dec 31st, detectives had a search warrant and searched his home.

Kellie continued to live with Cooper even after the murders.

Kellie says she was fired from her job and had to move back to the Orlando area and he says Kellie asked him to move back to the area with her.

“I was in agreement. I didn’t want to be away from my daughter that far of a distance, so I was fine with moving back.”

He says he quit Sunsports. When he gave his notice, they didn’t have intentions to fire him.

He noticed the open surveillance and talked to the officers. He said he gave detectives the names and addresses of where they would be. He says he continued to communicate with officers every time he was leaving and would tell them where they were going and would give them directions.

He even told them if he was going to the bathroom (if they were at a restaurant or bar).

On January 11, 2006 he says he knew he was going to be arrested because a detective had called an hour and a half before. The det said they were ending surveillance and wanted to take photos of him. He says he knew they were going to arrest him.

He went outside (det called and asked him to come outside).

He didn’t resist in any way.

He was driven to Fort Myers, once here, he was given a phone. He called Kellie and spoke with her.

Detective Ramsey gave him the phone and listened.

He said he had not been honest about knowing Michelle and that he’d met her the night of the murders and they’d had sex that night.

He says Kellie never knew he and Michelle were in contact.

He says after he was arrested, he figured they’d found out (detectives) about the contact with Michelle, ie…the sex. He says he didn’t want anyone else to tell Kellie about it.

He went in front of a judge the next day, January 12.

On December 27, detectives took pictures of his hands. He says he had a nick on his knuckle. He said he got them all the time – and he got them at work.

He still didn’t tell detectives about his phone calls with Michelle because he didn’t want Kellie to find out.

Didn’t want anything to interfere with his contact with his daughter.


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October 13, 2008 at 11:42 am

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