Gateway murder trial

Fred Cooper cont’d

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He then drove home, says he sets the alarm on his phone so woke up at the normal time (around 6:30 a.m.)

He says he checked on Carly, then went into Kellie’s bedroom.

He says his clothes were still in the main bedroom and left Kellie a note, then went to work.

He left around 7 am.  He gave himself an hour to get to work. Says he liked to get to work early. (he says it’s because of season)

He arrived around 7:40 a.m. He says that was the average time he got to work (this is all on Dec 27th)

Says that’s the average time he got there

He left early – around 3 p.m.

When he got home he saw Claudia go out their back door as he went in. He said Kellie was upstairs still.

He believed Kellie had spent the day with her friend Claudia and they were going back to Claudia’s.

He says he got home and opened some presents left for him. He turned on the TV and saw the news reports of the murders of Steven and Michelle.

He then tried to call Kellie.

During that conversation he says Kellie asked him to go to Claudia’s and drive her back home.

At some point he confirmed what he saw on TV.

He says he left on his motorcycle and headed to Claudia’s house to pick up Kellie, when he arrived, he found out Kellie had already left.

He says he can’t hear his phone when riding his motorcycle, then realized Kellie had called.

He then went back to his home at Village Walk. That’s when he got a call from Kellie again. (That’s the call from Kellie while she’s at the sheriff’s office and asks him to come down to give her an alibi)

That’s the phone call when Cooper said he’d be right down to give her an alibi.

“I told her I’d be right down”

He says he went to the sheriff’s office and met with Det. Ryan and Det  Kalstrom. That’s when they recorded his statement – on December 27th.

Detectives asked if he knew of the affair and he said no. He said he didn’t leave Village Walk. Why did he lie?

He says because Kellie asked him down for a specific reason – to give her an alibi. He says he couldn’t give her an alibi if he wasn’t home.

They asked if he’d ever been to Gateway or knew where the Andrews lived. Why? He said he knew he’d not done anything to Steve and Michelle. He didn’t feel it was relevant.

He says he lied about the affair, “I did not want my and Michelle’s contact to be known and get back to kellie. It was another thing we wouled have to overcome our relationship was already unsteady. It was just not something i wanted her to find out.”

To him the worst thing that could hapen was Kellie to find out he had had sexual contact with Michelle. He says he didn’t think he’d be a suspect.

He says he had the gun three to four years. He was living in Indiantown when he bought the gun. He says Kellie was not comfortable at home, there was wildlife (it was a rural area). He says she would hide in the bathroom and say someone was on the front porch.

He says Kellie was afraid of wildlife.

He says when they moved to Orlando, the gun was put in storage. He says when they moved to Fort Myers it was in one of the boxes. He saw it again in November 05. It had been in storage a couple of years.

He says it was on the top shelf of the master bedroom closet.

“No I never intended on using that weapon on myself or anyone else.”

He says it was a very emotional time and he says Kellie had called him and asked him to get rid of the gun.

He says he took it to Wiggans Pass and threw it in the water. (the gun)

He has been convicted of a felony five times. It was in his late teens.

Kellie knew of the convictions. They started dating soon after that.

On Dec 27th – after he gave a statement, he says the detectives followed him to search his home. He says they were there a little over an hour.

On Dec 28th he went to work. On Dec 29th he also went to work.

He says sometime on the 29th Ryan came out to his work looking for the camo jacket. He says he told Ryan it was at home in the garage. He signed a consent to search.


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October 13, 2008 at 11:22 am

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