Gateway murder trial

Fred Cooper cont’d

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He and Kellie went back home, his daughter, niece and mother were all at the home.

On the 26th, he did some more searching for apartments online. He says it had been about a week since he and Kellie had split up. He says he didn’t even know Kellie’s email address, that he didn’t know the password to her account.

He says he never tried to get messages from Kellie’s phone.

He says he was on the computer and Kellie was sitting on the bed talking to her when she got a phone call. He says Kellie stepped out on the balcony to take the call.

Kellie said she was going to go to Claudia’s for while. She left around 8 p.m.

She got back right after 10 pm he says.

He still planned on trying to meet Michelle that evening.

He says Kellie wanted to go to bed so he shut the computer down and left. He was going to meet Michelle, so he left the home around 10.

He didn’t see Michelle when he got there. He stayed there a few minutes.

He says Kellie called at some point, but couldn’t hear the phone. When he stopped at the 7- 11 he realized he had missed a call. So he called Kellie back.

During that conversation, she asked where he was. He said he had to ride and clear his head.

When Michelle didn’t show up after a few minutes, he went to the Andrews home.

As he was pulling up she was coming out of the house. They sat in the vehicle in the driveway (Toyota 4-Runner) because it was cold. He says he was wearing the camo jacket. She had on sweat pants/matching jacket. Says it was dark blue.

They spoke that night.

Michelle was upset, she said Steven was in fact having an affair with Kellie and it was sexual.

It was the first time it was confirmed the affair had become sexual.

He wasn’t 100 percent sure until Michelle told him.

Michelle was very upset, very emotional.

They were trying to comfort each other as much as possible. They were going through the same thing in their relationships.

He says, “it’s one of those things that just happens. We were dealing with a lot of the same emotions. Missing the same things from our relationships.”

Missing compassion, not getting from their significant other.

He says they had sex that night in the back seat of the vehicle.

He says he didn’t ejaculate inside of her, based on his experience, and that’s how he did it with Kellie Ballew. Says it was his particular preference and method of birth control.

He says she was wearing a blue slip underneath the jogging suit.

They were there 25 minutes to half an hour.

He says Michelle was very upset and they just comforting each other.

They were still trying to save their respective relationships.

He says she gave him a card, something along the lines of hang in there…

He says he isn’t sure what time he left Gateway. He thinks he left somewhere around 11 pm.

After he left Michelle, he says they agreed to maintain contact.

He says he left Michelle’s and ended up on Fort Myers Beach. He says he went right to the pier. He says he drove down to one of the beach access points (drove up on the catwalk) and parked up there.

He still didn’t think his relationship with Kellie was over.

He isn’t sure how long he was at Fort Myers Beach, wasn’t keeping track of time.


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October 13, 2008 at 11:07 am

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