Gateway murder trial

Fred Cooper cont’d

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Work was very busy during the week before Christmas.

He says test drives were about five minutes. There was a loop they did. They would go right on Metro left on Crystal, left onto Plantation, left onto Idlewild and back to Sunsports.

On December 23rd, did you leave that day?

He doesn’t recall ever leaving to go to Gateway. Doesn’t ever recall meeting Lynne Craven.

he was required to work a full day on the 24th. They closed around 4 pm

He received a phone call from Michelle Andrews on that day.

Michelle asked his plans for Christmas to find out what he and Kellie were doing.

She said her in-laws were in town. They were to meet after the holidays to talk about how things had gone. He was not going to be in town.

They were to meet December 26th. She said if she could get away, they would meet at 7-11 by her house. he didn’t know where it was until she told him at 10:30 p.m.

Michelle wasn’t sure what the plans were for that day, so they were to meet as late as possible. They were to meet at 10:30.

If she couldn’t get away, she had a card for him and Michelle said she’d leave it in the back of the car.

He said most of their phone calls were so short Jim Peters never would have noticed.

On Christmas eve, he went to his sister’s house with his mother. (in Port St. Lucie). Kellie arrived at around 5 pm that evening.

Carly was already up near Orlando to visit with family members. By late on Christmas Day Kellie arrived.

He says Kellie asked if he’d ride back to Fort Myers with her and their daughter.

That night they got in late (this was Dec 25).

On December 26th he wasn’t scheduled to work. He and Kellie didn’t have plans. Kellie said she had errands to run. Cooper says he went looking for a place to live, but hadn’t found anything yet.

He says he signed up on a roommates type website and Kellie helped him with that.

He says Kellie asked him to meet her at Target. She had picked up some items for Carly’s room.

Carly had “a lot of things”

Kellie and Cooper were going to spend some time unpacking Carly’s room and getting it set up together.

He said the best part is getting to spend time with his daughter.

He says he and Kellie had lunch. That’s when Kellie asked if he’d respect her boundaries if she started dating someone else. He told her he would.

He didn’t use that opportunity to confront Kellie. He didn’t want to confront her yet.


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October 13, 2008 at 10:51 am

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