Gateway murder trial

Robyn Ragsdale cont’d

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DNA evidence cont’d

She’s looking at the item of evidence – exhibit 73 – the nightgown from Michelle Andrews.

There is a bloody handprint near the left breast and left leg.

She tested first for body fluids – presence of blood and or semen. No semen found.

When looking for semen they’re looking for a clear or yellow stain. First they perform a presumptive test, then a confirmatory test. They can look at it through an alternate light source to see the semen as well.

The item did give the chemical indication of blood. Blood was also visible to the naked eye. She tested the area on the left breast and on an area of the back of the nightgown.

She also tested two areas on the inside of the nightgown. She removed those areas for analysis.

Exhibit 38a – the cuttings from the nightgown – received into evidence.

Ragsdale couldn’t determine what the stains were. One of the areas was a stain that seemed consistent with semen, but it wasn’t semen. She did DNA analysis on it.

The other area was visible with an alternate light source. It wasnt semen but she did do DNA analysis on it.

The first stain – she doesn’t know specifically what it was, but had mucuous like appearance. Not perspiration. Doubtful to be saliva. There was a mixture of three or more individuals…Michelle, Steven and Fred. No determinations for Kellie Ballew. This stain was on the inside of the nightgown.

The second stain (on the inside of the nightgown)-  a mixture of three or more individuals. Michelle and Steven. Kellie could not be excluded and no determinations for Fred Cooper.

State’s exhibit 29 – the pink rag.

There were chemical indications of blood on the rag. No DNA from Michelle, Steven Fred or Kellie.

Item 103 – Adidas shoes – gave chemical indications for the presence of blood.

Two areas on the left shoe gave chemical indications for the presence of blood. A DNA profile was not obtained.
The right shoe also had chemical indications of blood. It was inconclusive, but had a female DNA.
State’s exhibit 91 – black adidas shoes. (these are Fred’s)
Exhibit 66 – the black mesh liner – it was tested for blood, but didn’t give chemical indications of blood. 25 swabbings were taken.
Exhibit 67 – camoflouge jacket was also tested for the presence of blood. Over 100 swabbings from the inside and outside. All of those locations are marked on the jacket. None of the samples gave the chemical indication for the presence of blood.
Sample dilution – when a sample is diluted out into another compound. Water can dilute a sample to where blood can’t be detected.
They did not test every single item sent to them from the LSO. They start with the items of most evidentiary value.
Defense cross-examining witness
Ragsdale confirms saliva contains DNA.
The Uniden phone had at least two individuals, but the number of people involved was undetermined. No DNA profile could be obtained either.
In some instances, she tested for 9 loci and others she did all 13 loci (the areas of the DNA which are unique to each individual).
The defense is asking about Lukasz’s clothes.
First – his shirt. Michelle’s DNA, Fred excluded.
Blood stain on the carpet – HH – blood present.
You can see all the evidence here:
HH is a blood stain from the carpet of the master bedroom.
He’s now having Ragsdale go through every single spot on the carpet from the master bedroom and is asking the DNA results.

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