Gateway murder trial

Cross examination of Julie Heinig

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The defense is now cross examining the witness.

The fingernails were packaged by hand. All of the left hand fingernails were in one envelope. All of the right hand fingernails were in another envelope.

We’re going over the DNA evidence found under the fingernails.

One of the alleles is “foreign” it isn’t Steven or Fred. Expert says there is no presence of three males, there are two male donors and that one allele there is contamination.

Defense says the presence of that allele can exclude Fred. The expert said that’s not true.

Now we’re looking at results of the outside of the nightgown. It’s a partial mix profile. Steven and Fred cannot be excluded. Steven and Fred have identical alleles at four loci – defense wants to know where there are loci where it’s only Fred’s DNA.

They’re pointing at a graphic that most of us in the courtroom cannot see…so it’s hard to explain what is going on. It appears the results on the outside of the nightgown could be a mixture of three people. Steve is the major contributor, Fred is called a minor contributor.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 10, 2008 at 4:34 pm

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