Gateway murder trial

Walter Ryan cont’d

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Ryan watched the interview through a monitor. There was only one person in the interview room during the second half of the interview.

Following the interview, Cooper was free to leave.

Neighborhood canvas continued for a couple of days.

Ryan attended the autopsies.

Evidence #88  – Michelle’s wedding ring –  just the gold band

Evidence #89 – The band with clear stones from Michelle (probably engagement ring)

Around the time he was attending the autopsy, he find out about the 7-11 surveillance video.

Around 3 or 3:30 p.m. Ryan went to Sunsports to see Fred. He asked about the sticker for the gate code and Ryan asked to see it.

Cooper had it in his wallet. He showed Ryan how it was affixed to the tank to allow him entry to the gate at his complex (it’s magnetic). Ryan took a photo of it on the motorcycle.

Exhibit 73- photo of bar code on the motorcycle.

Ryan then collected the bar card that Fred had affixed to his motorcycle.

Exhibit 74 – the bar code card (which is magnetic) 10880 is the number on the bar code.

Ryan asked Cooper for his camoflouge jacket. cooper said it was okay for Ryan to go to Bonita Springs to Fred’s home to retrieve the camo jacket.

Ryan says the jacket was not at the home.

Ryan says while at the Bonita Springs home he got information that led him back to Sunsports.

Detective told Cooper the jacket wasn’t at the house. Cooper then said, sorry. I didn’t realize the jacket was in my work truck. He handed over the jacket to Ryan.

Ryan looked at the camoflouge jacket and confirms it’s the same one he took from Cooper.

State’s exhibit 67 into evidence (the camo jacket)

Ryan says the jacket had a strong odor of a petroleum product, like a brake cleaner.

Before leaving Sunsports, Ryan asked Cooper to return to the sheriff’s office to make another statement, after his work day ended.

Finally – we get to see the camoflouge jacket! Ryan held it up for the jury.

Cooper showed up at the sheriff’s office earlier than expected. He says Cooper showed up to the sheriff’s office before Ryan returned to the station.

Det. Shawn Ramsey assisted in the interview with Cooper.

Exhibit 78 – It is the miranda form Fred Cooper signed on Dec 29th.

Ryan says Cooper agreed to make a statement after being read his Miranda rights.

Exhibit 81 – audio recording of Fred Cooper’s interview with detectives taken on the 29th.


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