Gateway murder trial

Walter Ryan cont’d

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Ryan asked Cooper to provide a DNA sample and he complied.

State’s exhibit 68 – buccal swab from Cooper (taken from him on the 27th)

Ryan is now opening the bag containing the buccal swab. (This is basically a large cotton swab detectives used to swab Cooper’s mouth. It is used as a DNA standard for Cooper)

Cooper was allowed to leave. Ryan asked him if detectives could search his home. Cooper agreed. They all drove in separate cars to Cooper’s home in Village Walk in Bonita Springs.

When they arrived, Cooper’s mother, daughter and neice were there.

Kalstrom took photos of Cooper’s arms. Ryan looked around the home. He was looking for clothing or shoes with blood stains. Ryan says they opened closets, but it wasn’t a “thorough” search. They didn’t open drawers and cabinets, etc.

Ryan is looking at exhibit 45 – the contact list for Outside productions employees. It was found in the Andrews home. It was on the refrigerator at Andrews. At Cooper’s condo the sheet was on the computer desk in the bedroom.

We’re going to listen to Cooper’s statements to detectives.


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October 8, 2008 at 2:24 pm

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