Gateway murder trial

Stroka cont’d

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He was one of the officers who worked the neighborhood canvas during the Gateway murder investigation.

He would talk to neighbors to see if they saw anyone or whether or not they were home during the time of the murders.

On December 27, 2005 he responded to Sunsports to pick up some evidence.

Stroka was the one who collected the black mesh liner from the trash can and entered it into evidence.

State wants to enter mesh lining into evidence. Stroka opened up the bags and is holding up the mesh lining for the jury. (It was entered into evidence #66)

The lining is in two separate pieces.

Defense cross examining

(Will they bring up his past?)

Stroka says the lining was visible from the top of the trash can.

Stroka took a statement from Jim Peters and it was lost. The digital recording was lost. No other statements were lost.

Defense asks if he created the photo lineup which included Fred (shown to Doug Jimmo). Defense asked if he showed the lineup to witnesses. He says he doesn’t remember.

Defense is asking about the morning of the murders and if there was media at the scene that morning. (yes there was)

One of the people he spoke to was Shawn Torgeson (sp?)

State objecting. The jury has left the room and the questioning is continuing.

Torgeson said he saw a trash bag ont he Andrews property and pointed it out to Stroka. (Stroka confirms this to be true).

Torgeson said it was unusual because the Andrews were neat people. Stroka did not check the bag out.

Jury has returned and defense done. No redirect.

We’re recessing until 1:30.


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October 8, 2008 at 11:23 am

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