Gateway murder trial

Deborah Lightfoot called to stand

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She works for the FDLE crime lab. Her specialty is gunshot residue analysis.

They use a gunshot residue kit to collect the evidence. It’s a kit with four vials, one for the right palm, right back, left palm, left back (of the hand).

Michelle and Steven were both tested for gunshot residue. There were no gunshot residue particles found.

A trace amount (less than four particles) of gunshot residue was found. (Initially the gunshot residue kit for Steven wasn’t tested – because typically victims of gunshots have residue on them. In the end, the test showed Steven had some gunshot residue. This makes sense since he was shot)

Gunshot residue can show up on the person who fired a gun, anyone within five feet of the fired gun or the person who is the target of the gunshot.

Gunshot residue can travel up to 20 feet from the barrel of the gun.

Defense cross examination

The defense asked her if the gunshot residue was consistent with a gun being fired from three inches away (defense probably trying to establish Steven shot himself). She says she can’t really answer that question. The residue doesn’t help determine how far away the weapon was.

One particle on right palm and one on the right back (of his hands) – one particle of gunshot residue. Nothing found on the left hand.

State redirecting

The particles are one micron in diameter (about the size of a red blood cell). You can’t see with the naked eye.

She has stepped down.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 8, 2008 at 9:14 am

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