Gateway murder trial

Cooper’s statement Dec 29th

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We are listening to a recording of Fred Cooper’s statement from December 29th, 2005 at 6:04 p.m.

This is after Cooper gave detectives his camo jacket.

Detectives are going over Cooper’s relationship with Kellie – and the fact they’ve been together six years and have a five year old daughter.

They’ve lived in Bonita Springs for a few months.

He tells detectives he and Kellie were separating and he was going to move out, but his mother was going to stay in the home.

It was Kellie’s idea to separate. He wasn’t treating her the way she deserved. He says “I get agitated pretty quick.”

He says he didn’t know she was seeing someone until he went to the sheriff’s office on the 27th.

Fred says Kellie told him they she had only been seeing Steven for a few weeks and only after they separated. (this was on the way home from their first trip to the sheriff’s office on the 27th)

Fred says he didn’t know exactly where the Andrews lived, just that it was in Gateway.

Detective says Fred hasn’t been totally truthful. One of the things detectives say he lied about was that he hadn’t been to Gateway recently.

Detective says “it’s not a matter of did you do this? It’s a matter of why.”

“It’s only a question of why you did it”

Detective says he has a picture of Fred near the Andrews house. Says he knows Fred isn’t a “villain”

Detectives show Fred photos of the 7-11 surveillance video showing a yellow motorcycle. Fred says it’s not him.

“You tell me how that’s me?”

“That shows a yellow bike with somebody on it. That does not show me”

Now detectives are asking Fred about the bar code for the gate at Village Walk where Fred lives.

Security log shows Fred pulled in at 3:01 a.m. He says that isn’t true.

Detectives are saying Michelle had defensive wounds and are talking about DNA.

Detective: “there’s no doubt in my mind you did this” “don’t dig a hole here”

Statement is complete.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 8, 2008 at 4:27 pm

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