Gateway murder trial

William Kalstrom called to the stand

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He’s one of the detectives on the case.

He began investigating immediately. He arrived to the scene around 8 a.m. December 27. Walter Ryan was the lead detective on the case,

He helped conduct the neighborhood canvas the day the bodies were discovered.

He also assisted in the questioning of Kellie Ballew.  He says after talking to her, they wanted to speak to Fred Cooper.

He says first thing they look for is motive.

He says they requested Kellie contact Fred and ask him to come down to the main headquarters to speak with detectives.

Kalstrom and Sgt Ryan interviewed Fred when he came to the LCSO on the 27th.

Fred’s statement was recorded, and he wasn’t coerced into making a statement. It lasted about an hour and a half.

After his statement, Kalstrom followed Kellie and Fred back to the Jeneva Way apartment so deputies could conduct a search. Both Kellie and Fred agreed to the search.

When they arrived, deputies did a brief search and took photographs. they were looking for a handgun or any firearm, the camo jacket and anything connected to the crime. They did not find the camo jacket.

That evening, deputies were at Fred’s about an hour or two.

They took pictures of Fred’s hands and forearms because they noticed scratches on him.

After taking photographs and some evidence, deputies left Fred and Kellie’s home.

Next Kalstrom investigated the entry gate to Village Walk (the community where Fred lives). He says each resident is issued a sticker that is affixed to their vehicle. It only records them going in – not out.

On the 29th, they made a second visit to Fred and Kellie’s home to conduct a second search – a more thorough search. This time they were looking for the jacket and a firearm, but again did not find the camo jacket.

He says he also took a buccal swab from Kellie ballew on that day.

State’s evidence #69 – buccal swab from Kellie.

Cooper told Kalstrom that between 10:30 and midnight he was tinkering with his motorcycle on the night of December 26th.  

Prosecution asks Kalstrom to identify Fred Cooper and he points Fred out and saysd it is him.

Kalstrom wasn’t openly involved in the decision to openly follow Cooper. 

On December 30, Sgt Ryan asked Kalstrom  to go the Sun Sports where he spoke to Jim Peters.

State’s exhibit 52 b – brake cleaner from Sun Sports. Defense objects to this being brought into evidence (for relevance).

After collecting the items from SunSports, he was no longer part of the case.

15 min recess


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