Gateway murder trial

Rebecca Hamilton cont’d – *strong content*

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She’s going over two pieces of evidence, which are evidence numbers 39 and 41 – blood samples from Michelle and Steven.

LCSO obtained trace evidence and photos on the bodies before autopsy. They used super glue and alternate light source. Turns out there was no injury to Steven’s back. (They had thought there was a footprint on steven’s back but it was merely a “birthmark”)

Documented external injuries then moved on to internal examination.

First, they’re talking about Steven – He had three areas of trauma. Lethal wound on his head – gunshot wound entered on the right side of his face near his ear. It was intermediate range (36 inches away) – meaning the person was shot from around 18-36 inches away. [which means the suspect was on Michelle’s side of the bed – there wasn’t three feet on Steven’s side of the bed.]

Bullet went through the sinus cavities, didn’t enter the brain, and then exited in his left cheek.

Exhibits 30 and 31 – Steven photos at autopsy.

Because of the distance between the gun and Steven’s gunshot wound, it would be extremely unlikely Steven could have shot himself. (Person can’t shoot themselves from 18-36 inches away)

The blood went into his lungs and caused a fracture of the brain and bleeding of the brain.  couldn’t breathe because of the blood in his lungs and the fact blood couldn’t get to his brain.

Now Hamilton is talking about the lividity – pooling of the blood. Saw that the lividity at the scene was not completely fixed.

She cannot tell definitively the time of death. (McGruther asked if it was consistent with a death of midnight)

Steven also had an injury to his hip (which could have occurred when he fell)

There was bruising on his hands and wrist, consistent with someone grabbing Steven’s hands and wrist – (McGruther asked if it was consistent with someone being yanked to the floor and she said yes)

His right lower abdomen about to turn green (because of intestines). Not inconsistent with death around midnight.


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October 6, 2008 at 10:02 am

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