Gateway murder trial

Now calling Gabi Suboch

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Evidently Garber had to go get a file and a bottle of water, which is why she left the room and just returned.

She says her testimony was incorrect and she wants to correct it.

Blood spot “SS” – Michelle and a minor contributor.

Blood spot “HH” – minor contributor is Steven Andrews

Blood spot “MM” – Inconclusive except for the fact it’s female.

Suboch is also going over some pooling of blood and the results she gave for those. Mainly the pillow and the carpet (where Steven died).

Evidence #85 into evidence – picture of the two cars in the garage.

State finishes with the witness, Defense now asking questions.

He’s just asking her to repeat the corrections.

Garber has no further questions.

State is redirecting. Just asking her to explain where the HH and SS were found (at the foot of the bed by Michelle’s body)

He’s asking about the major contributor of item 43 (HH).  Minor contributor is Steven. Major contributor is Michelle.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 6, 2008 at 9:25 am

Posted in Day 4

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