Gateway murder trial

Kellie Ballew – continued (cross exam.)

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She is being questioned by the defense now.

Defense asks if she recalls telling Fred about the call with Michelle – she didn’t.

He asked if she was fired from her job and she said , no she quit.

Defense asked about the next time she and Steven had sex (the 23rd in Steven’s car)

She thinks Fred came into her room around 6:30 a.m. and went into the closet. (This is on the morning of the 27th)

She says she didn’t have a code to delete text messages but she did have a password for her email.

She says she went into the sheriff’s office room where Fred was to look at his injuries and asked him about the bruises (in order to help the deputies). (this was on the 27th)

She told Fred she was going to Claudia’s on the night of the 26th, not that she was meeting Steven.

She says on the 23rd when they had sex in his car, the had sex in the back seat.

Saturday the 17th is when Michelle questioned the secret santa gift. Also when Michelle told Kellie it was inappropriate to ask him for help moving.

She confirms Fred never hit her.

When she was at the sheriff’s office and spoke to them, they never read her Miranda rights. She says she initially didn’t think she was a suspect.

When they asked her to call Fred for an alibi, she thought she was a suspect. But then they explained they wanted Fred to call and ask him to come down and give an alibi. She says they recorded the call.

Now the defense is reading the transcript of the call.

She gave him directions to the sheriff’s office. Then Fred said he loved her. (during the phone call)

Fred wrote a number of letters to Kellie and she gave copies to the Lee Sheriff’s Office and in those letters he maintained his innocence.

After moving to Orlando, she found a pair of gloves in her brother’s home at the bottom of her daughter’s hamper. She contacted the state and they said to put them in a paper bag and they would be picked up. (This was about two months after she moved to Orlando)

The phone call she had with Fred after his arrest was not recorded. In that call

Deposition August 18, 2006 near Orlando and there was a court reporter there. (Now the defense is having her read a transcript to refresh her memory)

Fred told Kellie they linked him through DNA evidence and she asked why he said that. Fred said he met with Michelle that  night and they had sex in her car.

The brown shirt that’s missing was flannel, and had three buttons on the front.  Shirt came down way below waist, but the camo jacket was waist high. (Defense is asking Kellie to confirm all this – not sure where this is going).

She was present when they took photos of Fred, who defense says allowed deputies to search the home.

She says Kalstrom was the one who gave her instructions on how to talk to Fred. He instructed her to leave the home and she did after a few days. That’s when she went to Claudia’s house and stayed a few days, then went back to the Jeneva way home to pack some belongings.

Defense is going to show her some photos of the garage of the Jeneva way apt. Defense exhibit 15…pictures taken from the attic.

The state and defense are approaching the defense.


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October 6, 2008 at 3:42 pm

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