Gateway murder trial

Kellie Ballew cont’d (post 2)

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She is shown a picture of Fred’s motorcycle and she confirms it’s Fred’s.

She says Fred didn’t have another vehicle. She had a fairly new Nissan X-terra. He didn’t have his own set of keys to the Nissan. She didn’t let him drive it.

She is being shown the helmet in evidence. She says it is Fred’s helmet. She confirms the gloves in evidence are Fred’s. She says he had a couple pairs of gloves.

She says he bought the gloves at some point, knew they were new, but hadn’t seen them prior to December 26.

December 26 when he wasn’t home, she tried calling him but he didn’t answer. About 15 minutes later he called her back. She asked why he left and he said he went for a ride to clear his mind.

(The only phone number Kellie knows off the top of her head is Fred’s phone number at the time)

She didnt see Fred again until the next morning. She said she heard her door handle move.

She saw Fred on the morning of the 27th. She was in bed and said he came into the room and she pretended to be asleep – but she could tell it was him.

She testifies that there had to be a bar code on the vehicle, she didn’t have one but Fred had one on his motorcycle. It allowed automatic entry to the Village Walk community where they lived.

She turned over emails between her and Fred to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. She’s being asked to open the evidence bag contaning the emails between her and Steven. She confirms they’re the emails she turned over. (the emails are evidence #47)

After those emails, she never heard from Steven again.

She did not have to work December 27th. She was going to work out with a coworker (Claudia) and go to the office. She had also told her mom about her relationship with Steven.

A little after 2 pm she and Claudia went to her Village Walk apt to meet her brother and a friend of his to get her belongings from a storage unit in orlando. They were there about half an hour or 45 minutes or so.

After they unloaded, they left again.

Around 3:30 p.m. she saw Fred, which was unusual because he never came home early (usually around 6 or 7)

He was wearing jeans and a shirt, his jacket and boots. He was wearing a Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket. She says he also wore a hooded camouflage jacket with a lining.

The prosecution is asking Kellie to look into the bag containing the camo jacket. She confirms it’s Fred’s jacket. She says “there’s no lining and there’s a bunch of writing all over it.”

She’s now looking at the lining of the jacket in the evidence bag (State’s exhibits 66 and 67 are the jacket and liner)

Defense is objecting for chain of custody issues with the jacket.

She says Fred also had a backpack and a helmet bag.

Around 3:30 p.m. she asked why he was home early. He says they let him off early. She says that was the end of their conversation. Kellie was driving and they were going back to Claudia’s.

While in the car, Fred called Kellie between 3:30 and 4:00. He called and said “he had bad news and I needed to come home.”

He didn’t say she had to keep questioning him. She says he says he was watching the news and he saw Steven and Michelle had been murdered in her home.

She says she was upset, started shaking told him he was lying and hung up the phone.

She then called her boss.  He hadn’t heard anything about it either.

Trepps called sheriff’s office and then called Kellie back. He told her there was a possible murder-suicide and if she had any information, she was to call the sheriff’s office.

She called sheriff’s office and called Cooper back.

She asked Cooper where he was the night before and had he been in Gateway. He asked why she thought he had anything to do with it.

She met with Kalstrom and Ryan – Claudia drove – at the sheriff’s office.

She told detectives about her relationship with Steven and with Fred Cooper. She says they thought he might be a suspect. She says she called Cooper to come to the sheriff’s office to give her an alibi at the request of the detectives.

Fred did go to the sheriff’s office.


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October 6, 2008 at 2:32 pm

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