Gateway murder trial

Kellie Ballew cont’d

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Still showing Kellie photos of the garage.

Defense exhibit #16 – another picture of the garage. Photo taken around December 2005. Defense exhibit 17, also another shot of the garage. Also Defense exhibit 18 – photos of the garage at the Jeneva way apt.

It’s how the garage looked when the police came over to search. The pictures show Fred’s backpack.

She says by January deputies were watching Fred 24 hours a day and Fred and she knew it.

The defense is asking about Kellie and Fred’s sexual relationship and their birth control method.

Redirect by the prosecution.

Prosecution asking about Kalstrom telling Kellie to move out of the Jeneva Way home. Kalstrom said she and Carly should be in fear for their lives.

Fred knew his letters were being read (the ones he wrote to Kellie while in jail)

She says she never paid much attention to items he bought for the motorcycle (including the gloves in evidence)

Redirect Defense

Asks if Kellie ever told Fred about her relationship with Steven. She says no


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October 6, 2008 at 3:52 pm

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