Gateway murder trial

Hamilton – cont’d **Strong content**

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Hamilton is going to testify about Michelle’s autopsy now.

She was wearing a silky blue nightgown. Now he’s showing a photo of the nightgown and the bloody handprint on her nightgown. (Exhibit 35)

Imprint suggestive of a hand – outline of four fingers – she thinks it was a gloved hand.

Now we’re going over the external exam of Michelle

She had multiple blunt impact injuries to the head and face. (Blunt force – hit with an object). Bruises, scratches and cuts. She had bruises, cuts and scratches, multiple impacts to her face.

These can be a hand, butt of a gun, or another object.

Two cuts, so deep you can see the skull – two impacts to her forehead. Each scratch is an impact. Eye swollen, nose has scratches, cuts to her lips, and scratches on the back of her head.

How many times was she struck? It was at least several times.

Not inconsistent with a butt of the gun (the wounds on the forehead).

None of the injuries were lethal or life threatening, but impaired. She could have survived from the injuries.

Her left shoulder was also hit and had bruises on her arm and her right arm.  Her right arm was dislocated – couldn’t tell if it was before or after death. Consistent with someone yanking her out of bed or pulling her.

She’s now talking about Michelle’s hands, which were bagged at the scene. The bags were not opened until at the ME’s office.

33a and b (right) and 34a and b (left) – close up of Michelle’s hands at autopsy.

There was also bruising on Michelle’s hands.

They clipped her fingernails and those are turned over to police. (Cooper’s DNA was found under Michelle’s fingernails from her right hand).

Exhibits 36 and 37 entered into evidence (Fingernail clippings from Michelle’s hands).


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October 6, 2008 at 10:29 am

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