Gateway murder trial

Testimony of Tracie Lodato, cont’d

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Prosecution is establishing Cypress Pointe is a gated community, which requires a code for entry. (Swing gate rather than arm gate).

Now they’ve put a sticky note on the Andrews home on the aerial photo.

Lodato (Gaydash) knew Steven and Michelle as acquaintances…neighbors.

Defense Exhibit 7 – photo of Steven and Michelle Andrews.

She parked in front of the mailbox and then knocked on the door.

She didn’t get a response, started to walk to the right but dispatch said go back to the door because when she knocked a child said mommy. She spoke to the boy and he opened the door. he had the phone in his hand.

She walked in and announced herself. She says she figured the parents were sleeping. He had his blanket with him.

She continued to announce herself, and said the boy was pointing upstairs and saying momma. And as she walked upstairs she banged on the wall and continued to announce himself.

She says the boy led her upstairs…continued to announce herself.

She said at the landing she saw a deceased foot. She called dispatch, grabbed the boy and exited the home.

The next officer arrived about 4 minutes later.

In order to search a residence, they have to make sure there’s 2-3 people for a two story house. They went back inside to clear it – to see if anyone needed help.

Gaydash asked a neighbor to take the boy.

Deputies searched the first floor, guns drawn, but found no one and nothing seemed to be disturbed.

They then moved upstairs. They found a deceased man and woman in the main bedroom. they saw “Lots of blood”

The deputies then left the house.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 3, 2008 at 10:44 am

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