Gateway murder trial

Suboch – crime scene inv – continued

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Suboch went to the Medical Examiner’s Office to process the bodies for fingerprints. She lifted a fingerprint from Michelle’s neck.

We still don’t know if that matched anyone…it wasn’t part of discovery.

Unfortunately I couldn’t hear what she said, so I don’t know the results!

After processing the bodies, she went back to the crime scene. Between 2 and 4:30 pm she began processing the bedroom.

Now they’re back to the pink rag, which was found on the other side of the Andrews’ fence behind the house. (pictured right)

Exhibit 29 received into evidence – the pink rag (pictured right).

It had red stains on it and was sent to the FDLE for testing.

Suboch listed other items she collected as evidence – the bullet and two blood samples from Steven’s right elbow and back.

Exhibits 21, 22 and 23. One is the bed (21),  one is a close up of the pillows and sheet (22). The other is the projectile (bullet) (exhibit 23).

Suboch explained the different types of blood stains on the bedsheet – like smearing.

The jury is looking at the photo of the bullet under Steven’s pillow.

Exhibit 26 – the bullet from under Steven’s pillow.

They’re now opening the evidence bag containing the evidence and she’s going to examine the bullet.

It has been received into evidence.

Exhibit 29 – she’s opening the evidence bag containing the pink rag. (It’s bigger than I thought from the photo).

Exhibit 27 – the jeans under Michelle’s head.

Suboch is now opening the evidence bag containing the jeans.


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October 3, 2008 at 3:39 pm

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