Gateway murder trial

Suboch – crime scene inv – continued

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Suboch just looked at the jeans…agreed they were the ones she collected. Taken into evidence.

She’s also talking about processing the scene for fingerprints and how they’re collected.

Exhibit 24 – photo of the stairwell with black powder on the walls (for fingerprints).

They recovered 21 total fingerprints. From the lower screen door, 2 from exterior sliding glass door, exterior front door above the door lock, 2 from interior sliding glass door, one from the door frame in the master bedroom inside. (trying to keep up, but she’s talking fast…I didn’t get all of these)

Only one was matched – Inside of the front door of the residenceĀ and it was a match to Daniel Kokora.

Compared to the victims, their parents and Cooper. Only one was matched, the one that matched Michelle’s dad, Daniel Kokora.

The phone was processed by another analyst, but Suboch was standing next to her while she did it. We’re going back to Exhibit 25 (the uniden phone handset).

It was processed for fingerprints. No prints were recovered from the phone. It was sent to the FDLE for further testing. [When Gaydash picked up the phone when she arrived at the Andrews’ home, she wasn’t wearing a glove – but there’s no way she could have known it was going to be a crime scene or that there were two bodies upstairs].

They also tested the other phones in the house but didn’t find any fingerprints on them. They photographed each and every phone number in the phone and in Michelle’s cell phone, which was in her purse in the master bedroom. (These pictures were included in the group of pictures released as part of the discovery process. They really did take a picture of every single picture in the phones – most were family, Manor Care, Outside Productions, etc)


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October 3, 2008 at 3:57 pm

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