Gateway murder trial

Statement of Tracie Lodato cont’d

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The state is now entering into evidence images of Lukasz

Exhibit 8 – photo of Lukasz

Exhibit 9 – photo of Lukasz’ socks with blood on them

(both of these photos in Gateway website under evidence “Key evidence explained”)

Exhibits 10 and 11 – one is the foot of the stairway inside the Andrews home, (10) the other is the landing of the Andrews home (at the second floor – 11).

These photos are also under “Evidence/photos” in the gateway website:

Attorney asking if the light is on above the landing – yes it is.

Exhibit 25 – the Uniden phone – submitted into evidence. State is asking Lodato to open the sealed evidence bag containing the phone.

She’s putting on gloves now.

There’s another bag inside the bag, and she’s cutting it now. She took the phone out and held it up so the jury could see it.

Defense exhibits 31 and 32 entered into evidence. They’re photos of the bodies of Steven and Michelle. (31 is Steven 32 is Michelle)


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 3, 2008 at 10:58 am

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