Gateway murder trial

Opening statements begin

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The first deputy on scene, Gaydash was in the area and decided to respond to the 911 call because she was close by and because she lives in Gateway.

She knocked, was getting ready to go around back, when a little boy answered the door, phone in hand.

He led Gaydash up the stairs, Gaydash banged on the wall and said Lee County Deputy Sheriff. She thought the parents were upstairs sleeping. But deputy found the bodies instead.

When she saw Michelle’s foot, she grabbed Lukasz and fled the home and waited for backup.

When they cleared the home, they discovered Steven’s body as well.

EMS arrives, Crime scene tape goes up, entire detectives uit dispatched to scene. Walter Ryan is the case agent and he arrived on scene.

They started a neighborhood canvas, Gabriel Suboch will describe how scene was processed, photos taken, evidence preserved. It took several days.

Blood only found in bedroom

They were dressed in nightclothes, ready for bed

Steven shot while in bed, bullet under his pillow

So far – nothing we didn’t already know. All of this is already part of the discovery information released.


Written by Melissa Hudson

October 3, 2008 at 9:17 am

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