Gateway murder trial

Opening statements continued

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Telling us how Detective ryan will talk about how he investigated the case.

He received information on the afternoon of the discovery and learned Kellie Ballew had called with information on Steven Andrews…so they met at the sheriff’s office.

Says Kellie will say she worked with Steven at Outside Productions and the two of them were having an affair. She’ll say how it started and when. She’ll also say during the affair she was living with her boyfriend, Fred Cooper, the defendant.

She’ll say she and Fred had a daughter together and moved here from Central Florida.

Will say relationship with her and fred wasn’t going well and she’d told him it was over. They weren’t speaking much in December 05 and weren’t sleeping in the same bed

Fred owned yellow suzuki with a dark helmet, a camoflouge jacket. She’ll say on the night of the 26th she was home with Cooper, her daughter, her neice and Fred’s mother and left at 8:30 to meet Steven and they had sex and at 9:30 when she got home he was on the computer, but he left when she got home and she didn’t see him again that night.

She began talking via email with steven around 11:30 the night of the 26th then she went to bed.

She will say she was with Claudia the following day and as they were driving to Claudia’s house, she received a phone call on her cell and it was from Fred. He told her to come home, something had happened in Gateway and steven and michelle were murdered.

She didn’t go home. Her first response was – where were you last night, were you in Gateway?

She and Claudia went to Claudia’s house and then decided to call the sheriff’s office.

While talking to Det. Ryan, Ryan decides he needs to speak to Cooper. he wants her to call Cooper and tell him she needs an alibi and they want to talk to him.

Cooper does go to the sheriff’s office and confirms he owns yellow motorcycle, a camoflouge jacket and a pistol, which he had thrown in Wiggans Pass a few weeks ago.

He tells them he didn’t want the split with Kellie

On the night of the 26th Fred says he was working on  his motorcycle but that he was in around 11:30-midnight and never left the house.

When the det. asked him about being in gateway the day before, he said no. Have you been there lately, Fred said no. He said he had no idea where Steven and Michelle lived, said he’d never been there.

Detective noticed scratches and swollen right knuckle on Fred.

Detectives went to the 7-11 about a quarter mile from the home. They asked 7-11 for the surveillance tape from the gas pumps.

When they looked at the video, at 10:31 a motorcycle drives through the gas pumps. Not real clear, but it is clear it’s yellow. (you can see this on the slide shows)


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October 3, 2008 at 9:30 am

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