Gateway murder trial

Insight into the defense strategy

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The defense’s questions to the jury give a little insight into their strategy, although it’s really no surprise.


One of the questions he asked was whether or not the jurors believed DNA proved conclusively that someone committed a crime. (Evidence – Fred Cooper’s DNA was found under one of Michelle’s fingernails)


Second, he asked if anyone had gone up to someone and thought the person was someone they knew, but then it turned out it wasn’t the same person. Many jurors nodded their heads yes.


They were then asked about eyewitness testimony and whether it should be carefully analyzed to see if the person was accurate and if the person was lying or not.


Then he asked if a defendant didn’t testify, would that carry weight. And if the defendant did testify, would that testimony be held to a higher standard than other witnesses.


Then they were asked if they or someone close to them had been a victim of a crime.


Then the defense asked, If you found Cooper lied to the police, does that show he’s guilty?


Basically, the defense has several pieces of evidence to overcome, according to documents released during the discovery process, like eyewitness testimony that puts Cooper in gateway the morning of the murders, eyewitness testimony from someone who said Cooper asked for the gate code to the Andrews’ subdivision, and DNA under Michelle’s fingernail.


All issues addressed in the above questions…



Written by Melissa Hudson

October 2, 2008 at 4:01 pm

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